Learn the spiritual beauty of Japan from the Do.

P.G.C.D. Mr. Munemitsu Doi, a tea ceremony Urasenke tea master who holds a seasonal tea party in Japan together.
We talked about the beautiful relationship between actions and tools.

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Munemitsu Doi

In order to deliver delicious Japanese tea at the main business tea shop "Doien" and to deliver Japanese tea culture more widely, Matcha Do Co., Ltd. is developing tea ceremony events both in Japan and overseas. "Tea ceremony experience that can be done in a full-scale tea room (enjoy tea ceremony with tea kaiseki)", "business trip tea ceremony", "human resources development program for companies utilizing tea ceremony", etc.
[Biography as a tea ceremony artist]
Introduced to Urasenke in 1979.
After getting started, he belonged to the Urasenke Youth Club and served as "Urasenke Youth Club Kanto Daiichi Block Manager" and "Urasenke Youth Club National Committee".Visited China on the 9th Urasenke Youth Ship during the block chief era.Demonstration of tea ceremony with each block leader (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Kinki, Shikoku, Kyushu) at the Great Hall of the People.
Also, at the Art Club, Tea Ceremony Hall, and others, as the block leader, he manages the youth club seats such as the first point ceremony and the branch tea ceremony.At the youth club secretary workshop, he will give lectures such as "About tea" and "Chatsubo Dochu with Uji three friends".
Currently, he is also focusing on training young people as "Urasenke Youth Club Development Committee" and "General Incorporated Association Urasenke Tankokai Tokyo XNUMXth West Branch (Meguro / Ota District) Secretary General".

Representative Director and CEO of JBI GROUP (JBIG) Co., Ltd.

Taihei Noda

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1979. In 2010P.G.C.D. JAPAN is established. Develop and sell skin care and scalp care products to increase the number of people who change their age into beauty. In 2019, JBI GROUP, a holding company, was established. Under the corporate philosophy "Pay forward", we will create sustainable products and businesses with the mission of "increase the number of people who make the world happy" and contribute to society and the future.

An important heart that the Japanese have forgotten

Training to return extraordinary to everyday

Taihei Noda (hereinafter Noda) P.G.C.D.Then, while delivering soap to customers and holding a tea party with the cooperation of the teacher, I think that "the act of washing your face" is similar to "the act of making tea". Was there.

P.G.C.D.The size of the soap is 125g, which is actually a little bigger than a woman's hand.The average size of soap sold in Japan is between 90 and 100g, so it's a little big.If it is large, it will be likely to be dropped when the customer is whipping, so please whisk carefully.Then, depending on how you whisk, the soap will become familiar to your hands.If you compare the new soap after a month, everything will be in different shapes.

What we provide is soap to remove stains, but what we are telling you is "foaming time = washing your mind".Because I'm thinking about something while whipping.For example, in the case of soap at night, look back on the day and think about tomorrow.So when you're whipping soap, you can wash your mind and wash your face with the foam to remove dirt.When you finish pouring, open your eyes and face your face with the dirt on the mirror, "Let's do our best today" and "Let's do our best tomorrow", and talk with ourselves and our hearts. ..I think that time is the "rich time".

I think that such time is very similar to tea time, so I think that the customers who enjoy washing their faces will be very pleased with the tea party, so we hold it.

Munemitsu Doi (hereinafter, Doi) You heard from us with that kind of feeling.Tea is not the everyday world, but in a sense "unusual".When you hear the story of face washing, you probably have something extraordinary in a short amount of time.When you whip soap, you gradually go into extraordinary life.And when it is washed away, it comes back to everyday life.That is an interesting place.

(I.e. There is a word "ke and hare", but "ke" is everyday and "hare" is extraordinary.Because I'm dying, I say "I'm dying (Kegarel)", and when I get sick, I get rid of my dying spirit and my daily life begins again.The act of hare cleans the injured mind.With that in mindP.G.C.D.The morning and evening face-wash is the time to return the injured part to the hole, so that's exactly what you said.

We sometimes say "soap road" and "face wash road" by ourselves, but spending a polite time is a "road" including the tea road. I wonder if it will be connected.How does the teacher talk to the students about the "road" part?

Doi It is called "imitation, imitation, manabu", but the first thing to do is to imitate.I think that's the case with everything.Basically, practicing is just a matter of refining your skills, which is a little different from the "road".If human growth does not come in, it will not become a "road".You have to not only improve your skills, but also improve your skills and acquire the spiritual things in your feelings.I think that is the difference between "road" and "practice and practice."I think that is the meaning of the so-called "road" in Japan.

(I.e. You also talk to companies about training and education through tea.Where does that lead to in the current story?

Doi Work is a routine, isn't it?The more veteran you become, the more routine you become.Tea is always mistaken if you don't pay attention to each movement.So, after all, tea training is about learning routines first, but what the routines are for is that they can respond quickly when something extraordinary happens, not everyday. It's a thing.That's what training is all about.

For example, if you are making tea and even a veteran, you may drop a little chashaku.Then, the cooperative play that the half east comes out soon and changes the chashaku can not move immediately unless you are prepared.It is common to drop the cassotte, but it can't be helped, so what to do at that time and who will handle it?That is to do that kind of training.

In the case of tea, I can stop the point a little in the middle and try to do something next, but in the case of Noh I'm doing, I can't stop it at all.For example, Noh has a person sitting behind him called guardianship.Instead of just sitting, when the dancing person collapses on the stage, the guardianship continues to dance.That kind of thing has happened on a daily basis, but you must never stop it, you have to do it to the end.Therefore, I think that how we can move in response to such extraordinary things will lead to the "road" in Japan.I think it's a training for that.

(I.e. Why is it needed as a company now?

Doi You're forgetting something somewhere, something spiritual.

(I.e. So that's it.For example, what kind of story is there?

Doi For example, even when greeting people, there is a proper way to say hello.But when you get to know each other, it's different.It's a problem if you do it even when it's formal.When it's formal, there is a way to say hello when it's formal, and when it's casual, there is a way to say hello when it's casual, so it's important to add that kind of sharpness.Also, the attitude toward work may have something to do with the attitude of tea.I think I've forgotten something somewhere.

Tea ceremony is often said to be Japanese culture, but it's relatively easy."Introducing Japanese culture," as the government says, is only superficial.I think it's a little different from what I'm supposed to understand.If you don't convey it a little deeper, your heart will not be conveyed.With only skill, there is no part of the feeling that is transmitted to the other party.I think that is not just etiquette, but what is required of tea.

"Beauty" created by the "road" of Japan

Tea ceremony is just Japanese rationality

(I.e. I sometimes talk about "Japanese rationality and Western rationality" in the company.Western rationality means that it is convenient to eliminate time and effort, and Japanese rationality means that it is convenient, normal, and good to spend time and effort.It's not just a light thing, it's something you'll learn.If you omit rationality, you will not learn it.I think that Japan's rationality is rational because of the time and effort it takes, including improving it.

Also this time, I brought a bowl to talk with my teacher about tools.P.G.C.D.There is a lotion called Eclat along with soap in this product.Eclat is made of glass bottles.There are quite a lot of people who are quite negative about using glass bottles in cosmetic products.The customers said, "The moment I picked it up, I knew it was glass, so I left it gently."That is the purpose.In the case of plastic, if it falls, you can pick it up.But in the case of glass, if it falls, it will break.When it breaks, people regret not having taken good care of things for the first time.A heart that values ​​things cannot be born unless it breaks.When I wanted to take good care of my skin, I thought that unless I took good care of my tools, I wouldn't be able to take good care of my skin.That's why I use a glass bottle.However, there are also opinions that glass is dangerous around water and that plastic is good because there are children.

But in the tea ceremony, it's impossible to drink in a plastic container.After all, I think that tools are very important when preparing the mind, strengthening the mind and growing up for the mind.How can the teacher teach such a thing?

Doi First of all, the first instruction is "Don't hand over the bowl" and "Be sure to put it on the tatami mat".If you are looking away, be sure to drop it.So be sure to put it on the tatami mat.Also, "Be sure to call out when you bring the kettle."I was surprised when I came suddenly, so I said, "The kettle will pass. The kettle will pass."And, "When handling charcoal, be sure to lay a towel so that the tatami mats do not burn."You will be told many things.

Therefore, tea absolutely needs tools, so how to handle the tools is one of the ways to improve tea.

In terms of rationality, tea is very rational.For example, when I sit in the front seat, I aim at the inner corner in this tea room, but in my other tea room, I aim at the outer corner.It depends on the size of the room.Then, be sure to open XNUMX eyes.If you put a bowl and a jujube on the tatami mat, you need to leave the space between them.And the position to put the water finger is all decided.If you can do that, the points will be beautiful.That is the rationality of Japan.As Mr. Noda talked about taking time and effort, if you do not learn the proper storage of tools, the more complicated the points are, the more you will not be able to return to the basics and you will be messed up more and more.

(I.e. I think it's very important to take good care of things.People who make tea are treated carefully, including tea ware.Just as there are ways to wipe things, there are also rules about how to put things.After all, it is polite, including the work, and I think that is important.When it comes to plastic, I think that kind of heart will not sprout.

Doi Even with a bowl, there are times when you feel relaxed.If you are facing another place and hold it with one hand, it will always make a rough phase.Therefore, when handling a tool, you must always look at your own hand and look at the other person's hand.That's how you'll be taught first.Also, I definitely want to hand over the bowl, but I always put it on top of something.Then there is absolutely no doubt.That is the most basic.

(I.e. What is the position of tools in the tea ceremony?

Doi Tools are still the most important thing for tea.You can't make tea without tools.

Talking about the history of the old days, the first tea was in the hall, and the daisies and karamono were placed and three-width pairs were used.Basically, the tools are extremely expensive.Therefore, I couldn't handle it unless I was a veteran and a person who handled it all the time.At that time, ordinary people didn't touch it.

(I.e. It means that it was originally expensive.

Doi Originally expensive.I couldn't even buy Sen no Rikyu.He was a food merchant, so he didn't have the money like any other weapons merchant.If you do so, you will not be able to buy karamono freely, so you will create Kokuyaki as another value.In other words, from there you live only with your own sense and aesthetic sense.Therefore, even if I handle a bowl, I think that person has a sense of beauty.There is a sense of beauty in how to handle it.That person's personality comes out.Personality also appears in front of the point.

Beauty is where there is "shadow"

(I.e. P.G.C.D.Soap and Eclat are tools in the act of cleaning the skin.However, it is not cheap at all.When we talk about "Wabi" to our customers, of course, the gorgeous beauty of "Wabi" is important, but in particular, we emphasize the decaying beauty of "Wabi".

For example, makeup. Isn't it written as "make a ghost"?If it is garbled, it cannot decay.After all, it is very important that Japan can decay, and like the words "You have to use tools" that the teacher said before, it changes steadily every time you use it.I think that such "decaying beauty" is a value that has been going on for over 1000 years in Japan.However, modern beauty is changing to "now" and "immediately", and I can't wait.It seems that delicious food should be warmed in the microwave immediately.However, we spend time and money on our customers just to put on makeup, but in the true sense, "Don't you forget the important thing about the beauty that you can decay properly?" In order to convey that, I would like you to value soap and lotion in glass bottles as tools.However, there are some things that haven't been communicated well.

Doi So that's it.Even for tea, in the old days, when new tea leaves were harvested, they were put in a teapot and saved.Then, in November of the New Year of the tea ceremony, it was said that the best tea was to open the tea jar and grind the thin leaves inside to drink.However, with the promotion of merchants, new tea is getting better and better.New and young ones are better than aged ones.However, when I actually drank the new tea, it certainly smelled good, but it had no taste.There is no depth.That's why I think it's a little different from the world where new things, fresh things, and young things are good.

(I.e. In the case of makeup, it may look young or hide the seven difficulties.Nowadays, cosmetics companies spend the most on advertising in Japan and around the world.When we told people before they became customers, "Let's stop foundation and makeup," some customers said, "Don't say anything about my beauty." Many people say, "I decide the beauty of my makeup."However, we wonder if that beauty is really the beauty that our customers have come up with.I think that beauty is the beauty that cosmetics companies have planted in their customers in the last 60 years.I do various things such as make-up, hide, and perform treatments. Is that really my aesthetic sense?I want to ask.

I was studying architecture when I was a student, but concrete architecture, which is more than 50 years old, does not exist yet.However, Japanese wooden architecture is more than 1000 years old.It has various beauty, including the scenery that is borrowed, the beauty that decays, and the change of seasons.Today's people say that beauty is only beauty that compares relatively with others.

In such a place, is there any teaching in the way of tea that creates beauty as your own rather than comparison or contrast?

Doi Tea is made in a relatively dark place, isn't it?I don't do much in a bright place, but in a place where natural light moves all the time.That way, there will always be a shadow when you put something down.The place where the shadow shifts is the transition of tea, and the transition of tea ceremony.There is beauty where there is that shadow.Therefore, in a place that illuminates everything without shadows, it is not beautiful at all.There is beauty where there is a shade.

But what about now?Even in urban development, all the shadows are brightened.After all, if there is no dark part, bright part, and contrasting part, it will not be beautiful.

(I.e. In that sense, you need to make a contrast within yourself.In modern society, it's just a comparison with other people, and that person has something or is more beautiful.I should have more yin and yang in my beauty, like having yin and yang in me.

Doi Isn't it the "road" of Japan to learn that?I think that is the spiritual thing.

In 2018, Kirin Kiki and Haru Kuroki's "Every Day A Good Day" was aired in the movie.It's a quiet movie, but I find out that the feelings I didn't like at first are that I enjoy things while changing tools in front of the teacher and in the changing seasons.I wonder if they will enjoy the place.A movie in which when you understand that, changes appear in your feelings, and you gradually understand the changes in nature, the fluctuations in your feelings, and the distance between you and the other person.Such a place is probably the most learned from tea.If you can bring out your own spiritual things and learn to see for yourself, tea will improve.I think it's training for that.

(I.e. Moreover, that person looks beautiful, doesn't it?

Doi That's right.Therefore, the original self comes out.

(I.e. Behind the Japanese word "beautiful" is not a word like "Beautiful" in English, but a person who is polite to time, cherishes the part that goes through efforts, habits, stoic, and the beginning and end. It is said that it will not betray.I feel that the word "beautiful" is filled with all the ways of life.As the teacher said, I think that the days of facing and repeating the points make the person beautiful as a result.

Doi It's not beautiful.Even with the same "beauty", "beautiful" and "beautiful" are different.

(I.e. P.G.C.D.If that's the case, you'll face soap, and if it's a tea ceremony, you'll face tea utensils and tea utensils.

Doi If you do so, the way you hold the tools will change.If you change the way you hold it, your perspective will change.If you can find such a tool that fits in you, you will be able to go one step further.

(I.e. trulyP.G.C.D.Soap fits in my hand.In addition, soap will eventually go to zero because there is no package.It can be zero,P.G.C.D.When the soap becomes smaller, it can be attached to a larger soap.As a tool, it is born and disappears repeatedly, but when the skin is washed with foam in the same way, the skin on the surface peels off and new skin is born repeatedly.That's why the repetition of the action of making better efforts for face washingP.G.C.D.I want to convey that it is "beauty".In the world, it is often said that you lose weight when you drink it, and that you can apply it to eliminate stains in one shot, but I don't think that is the true beauty that humans have.I'd like to tell you that, but it's difficult, so I'm telling customers by doing tea with them and using the words soapy and facial cleansing.It is a repetition.

Doi When people say various things, human beings want to fit into the mold they originally have.And I want to say, "That was the case."But you can't make a new one without breaking the mold in each person once.Even in tea training, you have to break the mold once.That's why it's very noisy at first.

(I.e. What is the story that broke the mold that you remember?

Doi For example, the story of how I started tea.When I was a student, I didn't plan to take over my parents' house, but my grandmother and mother told me that I went to an apprentice kid when I was about 23 years old.About 2 years in Shizuoka, then to Uji.But it's really boring, isn't it?It's so different from what I've done so far that it only gives me a broom and doesn't let me touch tea.After only sweeping for about half a year, I always wondered, "Why am I doing this?"After that, when I went to Uji, I was pushing a lot.At that house, I was asked, "Mr. Doi should try a little tea because the teacher is coming," but I was thinking "tea ..." (laughs) Wearing a pink shirt and trumpet jeans. I was waiting for him, but the teacher taught me politely without getting angry at all.He also answered all the logical questions such as "Do I have to turn the bowl one by one?" And "Do I have to wipe the chashaku?" I thought, "This may have something to gain," so I went back to Tokyo and went to the teacher my sister was attending.Then, it happened that the teacher was also a laid back person, and the class was about 9 men, but it was interesting.The teacher was also a fan of alcohol, so after the lessons he always served alcohol and taught me not only about tea but also various stories, and eventually tea became interesting. ..I was struggling and rebelling against the world, but it woke me up.In that sense, I'm really grateful to meet tea.

(I.e. P.G.C.D.There are many customers who are 40 years old, 50 years old, and older.In the past, I used to do a lot of cosmetics and experience, but in the end, I face myself simply and politely.P.G.C.D.Soap and lotion make me.With an indescribable smile and soap, he says, "This is part of my body's life."You can buy soap at a convenience store for 100 yen,P.G.C.D.The reason why you have to use soap is that you feel something different because you repeat your changing self every day while carefully whipping and washing your face.

Doi After all it takes time.I'm sure there are many people who find it annoying that it takes time.However, it's hard to realize that you can become more beautiful by spending time.Many things are getting shorter in the world.The time to face yourself is really important.

The true self that can be seen from daily repetition and play

(I.e. Finally, what do you think of "beautiful"?

Doi It must be inside.If you don't improve your inner self, beautiful things won't come out.

(I.e. How do you grow it?

Doi First of all, I think it is a basic "education".By accumulating it all the time, things can be considered.I think it's hard to think about things.You can't go to the next without a certain amount of basics.Therefore, I think that it is necessary to have a certain level of education in order to think about things.

(I.e. On top of that, you're building up things like beauty and food that you think.

Doi Therefore, I have to accumulate it for the rest of my life.I'll soon forget what I've learned.You have to repeat it many times.It works without thinking, and you can make tea without thinking.Japanese performing arts often do that.It's said that it soaks into the body without thinking.For that purpose, there must be some foundation.

(I.e. It's a stack with a foundation.

Doi You have to play with it, right?If you don't play, you won't be able to see the true picture of people.Because play is to have a margin.Seeing the other person in your spare time is not the same as seeing at work.That's why I think I have to try to destroy myself at a certain time.

(I.e. I often talk about beauty "people with and without axes" in the company.It's not a bad thing to shake.Because there is an axis, you can see that it is shaking.In other words, if you have an axis, try shaking it.If you move too far to the right, then try to move to the left.If the axis is thin, as the teacher said, you may not be able to see that person.The shaft becomes thicker as it swings little by little.Then you can see your own personality.People who don't have an axis don't know where the center is because they don't have an axis in the first place.I really understand what the teacher says.I wondered if it was about playing with the axis that I call it, and trying to shake it.

Doi Mr. Kansaburo Nakamura, who passed away, was often mentioned. "There is a mold" becomes "unconventional", and "no mold" is "no mold".I think that's what it is.I have to think about how I can live freely in a fixed pattern.Like tanka and haiku, there are patterns, and it's interesting how to put yourself out within the constraints of the patterns.I think that is the interesting part of Japanese performing arts and things.

(I.e. I agree.P.G.C.D.We hope that you will hold a tea party again for our customers.Thank you for your continued support.Thank you for today.

Doi We look forward to working with you in the future.


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