Beauty Management Book 02 IDENTITY

Why do you make it? P.G.C.D.Tells the soap.

P.G.C.D. Japan representative Taihei Noda travels through the roots of the brand, the "Beauty Management Book".
P.G.C.D.It is a record of the trip around the "place", "moment" and "encounter" that formed Japan.
The second theme is "soap." P.G.C.D.As the symbol of the brand's beginning was to “make the best soap in the world”, many thoughts are concentrated on this soap, which is our identity.
Passion, hassle and time, a story in 125g of soap.
Through our commitment to materials, size and shape, P.G.C.D.I would like you to feel that.

Seeking the best soap in the world for the essence of skin care and the quality of its attachment.


still"P.G.C.D.It was Aoyama that we chose as our base when we started in 1999, when we didn't even name us.Aoyama has been attracting attention since the Tokyo Olympics, and has rapidly transformed into a “fashion city”.One of the buildings that symbolized that era was the FROM 1975ST building, which was born in 1.The existence of this building, which should be called a pioneer of complex commercial facilities, served as a catalyst for the town of Minami-Aoyama, and stores with brand-leading times opened one after another.On the other hand, in the neighborhood, the Nezu Museum was at the forefront, the Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum, the antique shop, and the gallery were lined up, and it had the calmness as an adult town.A city that leaves new value in the future that goes beyond the "fashion" and creates a valuable "culture" that remains in the times.This Aoyama is suitable for a place that conveys unchanging value, so we started making "the best soap in the world" here.


Even after moving the office to EbisuP.G.C.D.The company's headquarters remains in Aoyama with the original intention.At that place, commonly known as MIF, we inspect each soap delivered from France, roll it up, and send it out to everyone.

With the year of the year received from Lunéville, France, where Lunéville is located, and the inscription "Depuis la Lunéville" (from Lunéville).This is a proof of trust that connects our customers with the producers of soap materials and our Lunaville soap craftsmen.That is why we do not leave it to the machine, we stamp it with human hands, roll it and deliver it.

P.G.C.D.= Soap. To that extent, many thoughts are condensed into one soap.


France, which is said to be the "European bread basket", is the EU's largest agricultural country, and the awareness of valuing agriculture has spread throughout the country."Terroir" symbolizes that.

 If you like wine, it may be a familiar word. Originally it was used for wine, coffee, tea, etc., but over time, it spread to agricultural products, cheese, meat, seafood, and it seems that it is also used for talking about ingredients. At first, it seemed to show the characteristics of the land such as soil and terrain, but then the climate and the technical elements of the people involved were also included. By the way, there are no words that describe the concept of "terroir" in the countries around the EU. I think France is so particular about agricultural products, land, and the agriculture that creates them. Perhaps because it is a country of France, it may have strict standards for natural materials and organics.

The first soap that arrived from France that year is called "Savon Nouveau".It is a proof of all the blessings of nature and gratitude to the producers.P.G.C.D.Each soap is made from the ingredients grown in the earth, and each has its own producer. And there are soap craftsmen who shape it. The thoughts of all of them are trapped in our soap.

Encounter at the "Moon Village" in France was the first step towards the ideal.


Moon village. The Lorcos lab, which makes our soaps, is located in a small village named Lunaville in eastern France. 5 hours drive from Paris. It is Mush Betcher who always welcomes us there. Called a soap sommelier internally, the soaps of famous brands and three-star hotels have been created by his hands.

Without himP.G.C.D.Soap may not have been born. Soap was born in the 8th century and has maintained its appearance for over a thousand years.Because it is simple and basic, it was extremely difficult to raise it to the "world's best" level.It's been two years since I met him.Repeat trial and trial,P.G.C.D.Two soaps, morning and night, were born.Since then, trial and error between us and Lorcos has continued.The blessings of nature, which are the ingredients of soap, are not industrial products.Since the results are slightly different from year to year, it is necessary to make adjustments according to the changes.Above all, we are constantly improving to deliver the best soap of the year.From now on, the "ideal" we envision will be updated every year, and the "world's best soap" we envision will continue to be updated.

The quality of "trust" created by the collaboration between Japan and France.

In France, it's not uncommon to see a shiny car like Japan. When you park in parallel in the city, you may even see a scene in which you bump a car in front of or behind you with a bumper and forcibly park. For those who have such a sense of value, scratches on the surface of the soap are trivial to "disappear once used". It took a long time to understand Japanese values. On the other hand, there were more French people than Japan, who emphasized natural things rather than surface quality. Among them, we worked on a complex formulation that condenses more than twice the usual ingredients into soap. What we have in common is how to deliver "trust" to our customers. We believe that the trust that we and Lorkos have raised, understood and built upon each other has created quality that our customers can trust.P.G.C.D.Soap is a crystal of the quality of "trust" that we have made because it is a French-Japanese collaboration.

"Life becomes richer as much as you let go." There is true beauty in "elements."


I visit Kyoto many times a year.One of the reasons why I am so attracted to this city may be the cityscape of Sukiya architecture.The Sukiya-zukuri, which was born from the Muromachi period to the Azuchi-Momoyama period, reflected the tea master's spirit of "hospitating customers" by eliminating the splendor and decoration as much as possible while the formal design and luxurious decoration were at their peak.It has a simple yet sophisticated beauty by scraping off unnecessary things.I think it is a very nice idea that Japan has cultivated, which is exactly what leads to modern "decluttering".

Simple and easy are different. Concise and easy are different. We will examine it, omit unnecessary things, and polish only what is really necessary. It is similar to the soap we make. Only selected ingredients are condensed. You don't even need an extra container. When it is used up, it becomes "XNUMX". But once you soak it in water and whip it up, the sleeping ingredients bloom. There is no waste in it. And that's why I think it has been used by people for centuries.

The reason why Sukiya-zukuri attracts people over time is that it has a beauty that is not weathered.We would like to continue to deliver products and customs that “age becomes a part of beauty”, just like the cityscape of Kyoto that does not fade over time.

Less is more rich. To reduce is to polish up.


Ultimate simplicity is not "XNUMX".It's not about throwing everything away.Ideally, you shouldn't produce anything in vain.To avoid waste, keep using what you really need.I think that what is needed for that is “attachment”.

In order to continue to be loved, we will continue to polish it so that it will be close to our hearts every day.Polished products are as strong as time and years. Write "wash and knead" [sophistication].

We wouldn't be so happy if our soap is attached to you and you continue to wash your face to achieve a sophisticated beauty.

As the soap decreases, the attachment grows deeper.

"Too big for a woman's hand."P.G.C.D.There was such a voice even before the release of the soap. Even so, it was our strong desire to dare to launch this size and shape. At first it was too big, but the more you use it, the better it will fit. The more you get used to it, the more beautiful it becomes. The more beautiful you become, the deeper your attachment becomes. It will become a habit because the attachment will deepen. But boring habits never last long. Enjoy the scent. Enjoy the bubbles. And enjoy the face wash. The more you use it, the more you get used to it. We hope that one form of soap will bring you a custom that will start and end your day.