Beauty Management Book 01 ORIGIN

P.G.C.D.Japan representative Taihei Noda, a story of traveling to its roots.

One discovery, one encounter, one experience accumulatedP.G.C.D.The brand has been created.
Why was it born as a skin care maker, why is it "Beauty Management" now, and why is it that you stick to "the habit of becoming beautiful"?
We created "Beauty Management Book" to let you know it a little.
P.G.C.D.A record of the trip around the places where Taihei Noda, the representative of JAPAN, was impressed so far, the time spent developing his commitment, and the encounters that became epoch making.
In the first issue, while traveling the past and present, we will talk about the roots and their thoughts.

I will visit Lake Biwa again and think about 20 years ago.

The shock that "cosmetics that make people beautiful are polluting the earth". I don't need anything extra. And it was soap that arrived.


Lake Biwa is a water bottle of Kinki, which occupies 1/6 of Shiga prefecture and boasts the largest area and water storage capacity in Japan.Since 1960, pollution has progressed due to coastal development, and red tides occurred abnormally in the latter half of the 1970s. In addition to industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater containing synthetic detergents and cosmetics became a problem.

When I knew this, I was clearly shocked to learn that "cosmetics that make people beautiful are polluting the earth," although environmental protection efforts had already been underway.This event was a trigger for me to have a thought.

“I want to make people and the earth beautiful because they are really natural.” That is the origin of our strong commitment to soap. 

Now that we have visited Lake Biwa, our thoughts have become stronger, rather than changing.It has a low water content and does not require extra material.Once soaked in water, the condensed components start to awaken, and if you make bubbles, the components will bloom in the best condition.Starting with making the best soap in the world, we have always been particular about the best soap, starting with two skin care soaps.Especially for Scalp Care Soap "Savon Move", how easy was it to make and sell the pump type liquid shampoo and conditioner?

 But seeing Lake Biwa, which is gradually regaining its beauty, I think once again that our choice was not wrong.On the other hand, marine pollution caused by marine plastics is spreading globally.Above all, microplastics*, which are also used in cosmetics, have been confirmed in the seemingly beautiful sea, and there is concern about their effects on marine life and humans.

We still have a long way to go, but the more you foam it, the more you foam it, the more dense and natural ingredients are condensed every day.I would like to thank you for meeting such soap.

*A piece of plastic with a size of 5 mm or less. It is said that 51 trillion microplastics are currently floating in the world's oceans, and there are concerns over their impact on ecosystems worldwide, such as being picked up by the G2018 in 7.

Marche in Paris. There was an ideal, happy relationship between producers and consumers.

"Delivering delicious and fresh food directly" The face of the making hand is visible and the thoughts are conveyed. I wanted to build such a relationship.


There are always places to visit when traveling to France.It is the Marche (market) with more than 80 spots in Paris.Not only is it as vibrant as the Japanese market, it is full of fresh produce, such as vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, flowers and cheese, which are indispensable for everyday life, regardless of genre.It is said that there is nothing that cannot be obtained at the Marche.All of them are, as expected, only in developed countries, and they are all fresh with the original taste of food.

Men and women living in the neighborhood come with shopping baskets and eco bags to ask about seasonal recommendations, ask about cooking methods, talk about small stories, and have fun while talking with people in the shop. I will.

What I like most is the smoothie made by a cheerful aunt.It makes a rich smoothie that is an exquisite combination of young barley leaves and vegetables and fruits, made on the spot according to the order.It's so popular that some people buy the leaves, which are the ingredients, as cases.It's so delicious that you can have 6 cups to drink in a row many times.The blessings of nature raised in the French land and the personality of an aunt were condensed there.

 In France, the number of shops that sell organically grown foods has increased, and Marchés are once again drawing attention.The people who make products earn the trust of the people who make them, and the people who shop receive the products with their thoughts.Moreover, it is rooted in life.The sights that unfold daily in Marche seemed to me the ideal relationship between producers and consumers.As a person who makes products, I want to earn the trust of those who buy it.And we want to deliver it directly to our customers with our thoughts.Every time I visit the Marche, I feel stronger.

The producer's thoughts are condensed. We deliver their thoughts on products. To fulfill that ideal.


Like the smoothie we met in Paris, or the bustling Marché, wouldn't it be possible for the creator to deliver the product directly to the customer?I chose the method of mail order (EC) from that perspective.There is a limit to having one shop with many stores so that customers all over the country can use the product.At the very least, we want to deliver our products to our customers without going through a trading company or wholesaler and borrowing the hands of others as much as possible.What if the producers who cultivated many ingredients in the French soil and the soap craftsmen who carefully blended the ingredients in the Lorraine region delivered it?Therefore, we want to be able to deliver surprises and excitement with our products so that they can be handed to our customers.

No need for excessive service. The important thing is "TRUST". That is quality.


Every time I visit France, I realize the difference between the EC market in Japan and Europe.In Japan, free shipping, time designation and redelivery are commonplace.In Europe, on the other hand, paid services are common sense.Then what are you cherishing?What they value is "a better experience.Better quality."Especially recently, "TRUST", that is, trust has been very important.Efforts for ethics and the environment as a maker.The question is whether healthier, healthier, and ethical products are made more than ever.To put it plainly, it means a neat product.

 In order for our products to be used properly, first of all, our products are proper.Only then can we build trust with our customers.

If you identify what you need, your mind will be liberated. My heart gets lighter.

It may be a rant, but "it is better not to make things as much as possible." From an era in which there are many things to a richer one, to an era in which less things are abundant.


 Tokyo, where our office is.New buildings are being built and destroyed here one after another, overflowing with many things and consuming various products.When I live in this town, I cannot help but wonder, "How many of the products used in this world are really needed?"If our society is evolving, it will reduce waste and simplify cities and life.

 The number of items and the amount of time spent on make-up continue to increase year by year, even if one woman's makeup is taken.But is it really an item or time needed for beauty?Is it more beautiful due to the increased number of products and time?


The number of items we make is extremely small, in addition to our desire to deliver simple care to our customers.What is it made for?Is it really necessary?We are trying to make products that can answer that question.Beyond making things, the making side has a great responsibility.How it is used and how it is discarded by making it.Without fear of misunderstanding, I even think that "it is better not to make as much as possible."

There was a time when you could feel the richness of having a thing.But the age of mass consumption and mass disposal is about to end.Isn't it time to release your mind from the curse of "anxiety if there is nothing" and relax your mind?I think that it is a wonderful life that truly enriches the heart by reducing the amount of things and free living without being bound by things.

The mind and body are connected. An independent heart polishes beauty.


I have something to look forward to when I visit Kyoto.That is "Koudou".It seems that there are various styles of scents where you can enjoy the taste by burning a scented tree, but it seems that the style is different, but to be honest, we do not know in detail the style you have.I think it is important to enjoy the fragrance of the incense itself.

I am attracted not only to "kado" but also to something that is sometimes called "michi". Once upon a time, martial arts were called martial arts, kendo was swordsmanship, tea ceremony was called chanoyu, and flower arrangement was called Tachibana.There is a mold there but there is no finished form.The word "road" is said to mean "what humans get by repeating going back and forth." Exactly a habit.We hope that our products will become a habit of everyone, and that they will be like a "road" that maximizes beauty.

The importance of the power of the heart that I realized when I met the “road”.

 Six years ago, I started holding a bamboo sword.Once a week, the practice of kendo is now a part of my life, and thanks to you, I am able to get three steps.

 Kendo is said to begin with a bow and end with a bow.There are various meanings to this, but I was taught that "the state of mind is expressed in shape and attitude, so if there is respect in the heart, it will always appear in the correct form of thanks." It was"Kendo is a repetition of ordinary things.How seriously you can keep doing this mediocre thing.There is psychology in the repetition”.

 I think the beauty is the same.We claim that "age becomes a part of beauty" because we believe that the accumulated richness of the mind will surely become beauty and appear on the table.Dignified beauty cannot be created with good makeup.Supple beauty is not born overnight.Face each day everyday and carefully polish yourself.Through such an ordinary custom, we want to help grow beauty.


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