Keep pursuing about “different.”

Yohei Sadojima, Chairman and CEO of Cork Co., Ltd., and JBIG Taihei Noda, who are deeply intimate enough to call each other "nicknames" and "saddies". It is said that these two people rarely talked about each other's business motives and the roots of their business.
This time, why was it soap in the first place?P.G.C.D. Mr. Sadojima, who is also an editor, approaches the beginning of JAPAN.

Cork Co., Ltd. Chairman and CEO

Yohei Sado Island

Born in 1979. I spend my middle school days in South Africa. Entered Kodansha in 2002 after graduating from Nada High School to the Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo. Edited "Dragon Sakura" (Kibo Mita), "Working Man" (Moyoko Anno), "Space Brothers" (Chuya Koyama) at the Weekly Morning editorial department. After leaving Kodansha in 2012, he founded a creator agent company, Cork. He concludes agent contracts with famous authors, edits works, manages copyrights, and forms and operates fan communities. We aim to build a model of entertainment in the Internet age, which is beyond the conventional form of publication distribution.

Representative Director and CEO of JBI GROUP (JBIG) Co., Ltd.

Taihei Noda

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1979. In 2010P.G.C.D. JAPAN is established. Develop and sell skin care and scalp care products to increase the number of people who change their age into beauty. In 2019, JBI GROUP, a holding company, was established. Under the corporate philosophy "Pay forward", we will create sustainable products and businesses with the mission of "increase the number of people who make the world happy" and contribute to society and the future.

What is "polishing" that companies and writers value?

Aiming to make soap that says your skin is delicious

Taihei Noda (hereinafter Noda) I have been associated with Mr. Sadoshima for a long time, both as a manager and as a friend.You can call it the nickname "Saddy" as usual today, right?

Yohei Sado Island (hereinafter referred to as Sado Island) Well then, let's go with "Noddy" as usual.

Sado Island What kind of story do you talk about?

(I.e. Today, Sadie said, so I'm going to talk about soap.

Sado Island I want to feel like I ask Noddy a question and ask.Is that all right?

(I.e. Fine.Also, I would like you to talk about Sadie's thoughts.

Sado Island Then, let's do it with the theme of "sticking" or "polishing".After all, it's the same as a writer polishing a work when a company polishes a product.After all, I would like to proceed to the feeling that Noddy's attitude is the same as that of the writer.

Sado Island I've always wanted to ask, why did Noddy decide to make soap and cosmetics?

(I.e. I decided to talk to Sadie again this time, and I would be asked "Why soap?", So I thought I'd think deeply again.As a starting point, I was wondering what kind of method would be possible to eliminate the need for cosmetics.However, I didn't get a clear answer to the product called soap.However, my first memory of making soap was that when I was in elementary school, I made a big mistake in the class of making soap.I remember thinking at that time that soap was hard because it smelled like rotten food during the class.When I started writing about soap today, that was what came to my mind (laughs) Did Sadie ever make it at school?

Sado Island It wasn't school.But the other day, I made soap at the training camp of Cork Lab.Is it soap since you first started your business?

(I.e. It's soap.

Sado Island Why did you decide to make cosmetics first?

(I.e. Originally I was studying architectural design because I wanted to do an architectural business.At that time, I really liked and studied the world's third-generation architect.1It is said that Mies' “Fansworth House” and Tadao Ando's “Sumiyoshi's Nagaya”. Very simple design. I want to say, "I can't live in such a house!" "Sumiyoshi's Nagaya" is designed so that you cannot move between rooms without an umbrella on a rainy day. But simple means in other words, you can design how people live and live. It may limit the way people live, but on the other hand, I think it's nice to design people's way of life. Therefore, I thought that it would be nice to be able to work in a design and business that allows people to participate in people's habits, actions, and actions.

Sado Island I was thinking, "I want to create the future of people, I want to design for that."

(I.e. so.But as I studied architecture, I realized that design is always the subject of discounts, no matter how great it is.Under such circumstances, I found it quite difficult to design, and I was skeptical that design was not recognized as a value.From there, the desire to "design people's lives and future through products" arose, and I decided to start my own business.


Sado Island Why did you choose soap there?

(I.e. I wish I had a world where I didn't need cosmetics.When I first came to Tokyo to go on to school, I was very disgusted when I saw people wearing makeup while sitting on the train. "It's not beautiful".What does it mean that the act of making people beautiful is not beautiful?I have always had that feeling in my heart, and from there I began to want to create a business that would eliminate the need for cosmetics.That is one of the origins of getting to soap.

Cosmetics have a history that was created to make women happy and smile in Japan, which was devastated in World War II. But now, on the contrary, cosmetics have become a cause of environmental pollution. Moreover, it's better not to put on makeup if you're inviting something that isn't as beautiful as doing makeup on the train. In the first place, if the bare skin is clean, the foundation is unnecessary. Aiming for a world where cosmetics are no longer needed by developing skin care that makes the skin look beautiful. So, I started to long for soap that would disappear when I used it.

Sado Island P.G.C.D. JAPAN's soap is more expensive than regular soap. When you started a business, didn't you think, "Is this price acceptable in the market with soap?" How much did you think it would be OK if you stick to it?


(I.e. All of my creatives have borderlines, including standards for magazines and websites, and it's okay if you cross them.The borderline is probably from the beginning, and when it comes to soap, you can say that your skin is "delicious!"But it's difficult to express it, and I'm having a hard time communicating it.However, there are borderlines that cannot be seen.Do you cross it or not?

Sado Island I wonder why that borderline has existed since I was young.

(I.e. I'm from Fukuoka and grew up in an area where agriculture is thriving, so most of the things I've eaten since I was a kid were made by my relatives in my own field.Since there is a lot of nature around, the "green" looks completely different depending on the seasons, and the "river" is not just an image of a river, but the sounds, scenes, and temperatures are all my words. It's overflowing inside ...I have lived a life where I can feel the nature of the four seasons with all five senses, so I can't give up on the goodness of the materials and the authenticity, and I think that I have a sense of it.Aside from whether it's good or bad, I wonder if I have a solid level of feeling that I'm particular about it or that it's delicious.

Create "different" instead of "more better"

Sado Island How many years have you been using soap?

(I.e. It's been 20 years since I started.It's been 20 years since I started making it.

Sado Island Has your view of soap changed or the hurdles have risen in 20 years?

(I.e. It's changed and it's up.

Sado Island How has it changed?

(I.e. I originally thought that the cosmetics industry itself was difficult.When I was studying architecture, I had to think "different" instead of "more better".I learned that if you make more and more "more better" designs, it will make a difference that cannot be judged by human senses, so in the end it will be price competition and it will be cheaper.So, from my point of view, instead of fighting "more better", I have to move on to "different".

So, when I thought about designing something completely different, I thought it was wonderful that the soap would be "zero."Because, when you finish using it as a thing, it will definitely be zero, but the process up to that point is different depending on the customer.For example, if you gather 10 people and ask them to bring something with this soap one month later, they will all have different shapes if they bring it one month later.It may be a foaming method or a difference in the size of the hand ...If there is a statement that one push should be taken out with a bottle type, use one push, and if there is a statement that you should take 1 tablets with medicine, you should keep 1 tablets and take it, right?However, soap is designed so that it does not regulate people's actions, and it is quite difficult to continue because we are in the business of having customers continue to use the product properly and carefully in their lives. I think.Also, in a world where people like simple and convenient things, and the understanding of products that take time and effort is getting weaker, I think it is difficult to convey the values ​​of this business. I am.There are some parts that seem to be "troublesome", but I wonder if I'm struggling with how to communicate so that I can have the trouble of improving my life rather than being troublesome.


Sado Island Certainly difficult.What is usually sold for 500 yen is sold for 9,000 yen.In terms of price, why did you think you could sell at this price when you first started your business?Isn't it difficult?

(I.e. After all, it's difficult to sell soap.But I think it's difficult.P.G.C.D. I think it's very important to sell Japanese soap at "real value", not "cheap." I lamented that the architect teachers had discounted their designs when I was a student, and the Japanese construction industry was overwhelmed and the design was not properly evaluated. When I saw that figure, I strongly thought that reducing the value had no purpose. So, for us, I think we should make an effort to increase the value but not the price. The price has risen since the company was founded, but it has never been reduced. I'm wondering why the price should be reduced when the value of the product is increasing. Around 1, another company started selling easy-to-use oil cleansing products, and I was often asked, "What about marketing?" But I didn't want to go there.P.G.C.D. JAPAN should be "Different" instead of "More better". I was really thinking that I shouldn't run away.

Sado Island Well, how big will Noddy's values ​​be?

(I.e. so.So instead of selling things,P.G.C.D. If we can become part of the habit of making JAPAN's products beautiful, and the process of becoming the customer who wants to be who we are, we will further enhance our power.

I love the relationship between our customers and our customers. Since the time of our founding, we have been inviting our customers to the company and have the opportunity to talk to them several times a month, but I think we must not betray our customers each time.P.G.C.D. The desire to increase the number of customers who love Japan has been the driving force behind our business.

Product development keyword is "durability"

Continue to be an "Olympic company"

Sado Island Would you like to extend Noddy's values ​​to other products? In the area of ​​"a polite way of life," it seems that we can expand beyond cosmetics.

(I.e. Scalp Care has been released and I'm thinking about dental paste next.Toothpaste is connected to the side, and I moved to shampoo because people who wash their faces also wash their heads, so they are connected to the side.It took me a little over four years to make one piece of soap (laughs)

Sado Island After all, it is related to "a polite way of life" in the washroom.I don't think I'll make a dryer or a pot there.Then, do you have perfume?

(I.e. I don't have a hair dryer or a pot.I can't feel the warmth of the product.But perfume is possible (laughs).

Sado Island It's interesting that I have no idea what Noddy's commitment is.In terms of manga, it feels like a cartoonist who suddenly draws a fantasy manga and says, "This is tied to a polite life" (laughs).

(I.e. I've drawn Galaxy Express 999, like (laughs)

Sado Island Yes Yes. When I asked, "I think I'm going to run in the night starry sky above my house, the train" (laughs), "Is there this too?", I felt like "I don't have it."There are places in Noddy's story that are connected to life, so if you say that men's face-wash soap or men will live politely with soap in the future, I can understand ...

(I.e. I don't think I'll make a hot pot, but I think it's possible to have dried bonito, for example.

Sado Island is that so.

(I.e. I used to make a copy of "soap and dried bonito" that just put bonito flakes next to the soap.Soap and dried bonito are similar, I just copied something like my poem.I still write the main copy of the ad from time to time.

Sado Island I see.P.G.C.D. JAPAN is a poem company that embodies Noddy's poemer (laughs).

(I.e. Yeah.So, I think I should make something from the root fire, rather than making a pot.Maybe you sell something like the habit of making a fire.

Sado Island I like the roots of things and actions.What could be possible?For example, do you sell notebooks?

(I.e. I think it's amazing because I make a habit of taking notes every day. I like a dream notebook to become myself 10 years from now, or something like a dream diary.

Sado Island It would be nice if the notebook had a defined usage. It feels like you can naturally look back on the 10 years you've been doing almost every day for 10 years?

(I.e. There is such a thing.I think the process of becoming what you want to be in the end is very nice.

Sado Island Katsuobushi is also a habit.There are days when I use the pot and days when I don't use it, and in Japanese cuisine, I use dried bonito every day.Every day is important.

(I.e. I like dried bonito that hasn't been shaved yet.

With that in mind, I think the good thing about soap is that people who use it can "participate".I really like it because it's a design that allows customers to move and act.Soap will require active hand movement and whisk.Last year, I went to the University of Tokyo's Advanced Research Institute and studied "concave design" for a year, where I learned that "perfect design degenerates people. Design does everything."Because of the dents, people's imagination spreads, and ingenuity, ideas, and innovation are born.VeryP.G.C.D. I thought it would be Japan's soap, and I think that from now on, there must be a world where we do it.


Sado Island In other words, is it a participatory product?Hair dryers and pots aren't just for acceptance.Noddy's way of thinking is similar to my work.I think about the same thing when I bring a new artist to the world.

(I.e. Yes, you are participating in the creation of the work.Is there anything Sadie uses as a standard when discovering new writers?

Sado Island I think the story of Noddy's borderline is interesting, and when I find a new writer or read a novel, it's OK for people who use words with high "durability", words with low "durability" I'm saying that people who use are not good.

As I read it, this is a word that has disappeared after 10 years, and this is a word that is still used after 50 years. What I call "durable words" is too aesthetic, and I think it is difficult for the general public to understand. That's the idea of ​​"condensability".

(I.e. That's what the real definition is.I have no intention of doing non-durable products.Soap has been manufactured and sold in Europe since the 8th century.Japan was still in the Heian period.

Sado Island At least Noddy's company will be commercialized if it has been around for more than 1000 years (laughs)

(I.e. Yes (laughs) Katsuobushi is the same, and I'm also interested in sake.

Sado Island Noddy's talks have been going on for over 1000 years, but why not go talk to an expert? Because I am particular about "It must last for 100 years, it must last for 1000 years".For example, what is the attraction of Tsurezuregusa to Tsurezuregusa experts?Why does Horyuji have so much when it comes to buildings?And.

(I.e. It's been 1000 years (laughs) Good, there are a lot in Japan.

Sado Island If you do that kind of thing, it will be branding, so don't just look at the president, but ask people who have been doing it for more than 1000 years for tips, and wonder what Noddy's ideas will be in the future. I think readers can also enjoy this.

(I.e. Ideas for new products and new products.

Sado Island so.I went to interview only where Noddy had been going for more than 1000 years, and when I knew that "I see, it's still like that", "What about soap, what about new products?" "Let's send".On top of that, it might be interesting to plan a dialogue where you can bring back everything like "I'll think about it for another 4 years" every time and share the fun of 4 years later with everyone.I think that the number of fans will increase if it is clear what I am sending out.

(I.e. It's really interesting.But is that clear? Interest in something that has been going on for over 1000 years.

Sado Island I want to make it a little more interesting to the world ...It's interesting that you don't understand the meaning.

(I.e. Can't you sell the manga that Sadie likes?

Sado Island My favorite book sells only about 3000 copies (laughs)

(I.e. So it's about dissecting what people find interesting, right?My soap business also says it's a 1% strategy.1% of people in the world are fine.Let's do our best to make that fan.

Sado Island It's okay.This is the idea of ​​condensate.


(I.e. FinallyP.G.C.D. Do you have any words to expect from JAPAN?

Sado Island So, "I'll be waiting four years later" (laughs)

(I.e. I'll be waiting four years later (laughs)

Sado Island I'm waiting for what I'm doing four years from now.Exactly an Olympic company (laughs)

(I.e. Is it an Olympic company? Four years is a long time, isn't it?Basically, it starts with "I can't".Soap doesn't contain a lot of these ingredients.When I was told that I couldn't do it at first, I thought, "I can't do it = there's nothing else", and I'm excited from that point, so how can I do it?That's right.

Sado Island It's a copy like "I can't do it". "Olympic company".I think it's a good idea to add such copies to various essays so that you can remember what the company is doing.

(I.e. When I heard Sadie today, I thought I hadn't used the word "durability" for a long time, but I had always thought about it.Certainly I am very attracted to durable things.It seems to be a guideline for future product development.Thank you for your big notice today!

*1 [The three largest architects in the world]

  • Frank Lloyd Wright (US), Mies van der Rohe (Germany), Le Corbusier (Switzerland). Frank Lloyd is represented by the Imperial Hotel Light Hall, Meath is represented by the Fountains House, and Corbusier is represented by the Savoie House.


  • P.G.C.D. JAPAN