To be beautiful means to live courteously.

Mr. Miyuki Toko, who has been a managing director for a number of years since he was a managing director of the Obedient Power Co., Ltd., and Taihei Noda of JBIG talked about the happiness of people from the perspective of "meal".

Genki Power Co., Ltd.
Miso sommelier

Floor miyuki

Born in Osaka Prefecture. After graduating from Doshisha University and working for an electronics manufacturer, in 2003 he founded a web-based seminar & human resource service company. Retired as representative director in March 2016. In addition to the few hospitalization experiences I experienced in my 3s, I was exposed to the reality that many people were feeling unwell during the development of the human resources service business, which led to a healthy diet that is a source of energy. Determined to provide and support the people who work. In March 20, he opened "MISO POTA KYOTO" and was appointed as the representative director of Obiki Power Co., Ltd. Through the miso pota, I am sending out my feelings of "I want to energize people from food" every day.

Representative Director and CEO of JBI GROUP (JBIG) Co., Ltd.

Taihei Noda

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1979. In 2010P.G.C.D. JAPAN is established. Develop and sell skin care and scalp care products to increase the number of people who change their age into beauty. In 2019, JBI GROUP, a holding company, was established. Under the corporate philosophy "Pay forward", we will create sustainable products and businesses with the mission of "increase the number of people who make the world happy" and contribute to society and the future.

Contributing to the world based on your own values

Be energetic to enjoy your work. Happiness from the back of your body with "food"

Taihei Noda(Below, Noda) Actually, the first customer of Mr. Toko's shop was me (laughs) As Mr. Toko, I've always been close to him as a manager. I remember when I opened Miso POTA KYOTO, a store specializing in miso potage in 1. The floor dressed in Kimono at the opening reception at the small restaurant was very impressive and cool. First of all, why did you decide to start MISO POTA KYOTO?

Miyuki Toko(Below, floor) As Mr. Noda knows, his previous job was running a web-based human resources service company. At the time, I was doing my best to increase the number of people who said “work is fun” around them. However, the number of staff who are complaining about their physical condition is increasing year by year. I often hear stories of headaches and abdominal pains at work, and feeling sick on the commuter train, and I'm wondering if there are more unhealthy people as people say "work is really fun." It's just like that.

After hearing the cause of the disorder, I found that many staffs only had lunch with fried chicken, rice balls, sweets and meat buns. Try eating a little salad only when you are careful about your body. When I heard that I've been eating such food in-house without going outside to eat, I said "food." After all, I can't enjoy my work unless I'm well. From there, I wanted to start a business that makes people healthy.

(I.e. And after you retired from the president, you started to explore new businesses. However, there are various ways to say "food". Why did you choose "miso"?

bed People around me said, “Floor-chan miso soup is really good. If you eat miso soup every morning and evening, the Japanese will be fine with it”. If you say so, I thought that I used to eat miso soup for breakfast and dinner, so I looked up about miso soup and found that the Japanese now consume only about half of what they were 40 years ago. I understand. The reason why the number of people with mental illness or lifestyle-related diseases is increasing compared to the past is that the dietary habits of modern people are still influential. I thought. So, even though it's familiar to the company name, it's been a wonderful life to hear the advice of people around me, as in "Okinawa Riki Co., Ltd." As I heard, I decided to use miso to make people healthy.

(I.e. That's right. That's why I started to focus on miso.

bed At first, I was thinking of opening a miso soup stand in Aoyama, Tokyo, where the company's office was at that time. Making miso soup for yourself is a hassle, but if you have something, you might want to eat it. I was very motivated, but after doing research, I came to the reason why I stopped eating miso soup.

The biggest reason is "because it doesn't fit bread". I really wanted to eat human bread. Certainly, there are many people who choose soup or stew to accompany the bread. Therefore, we decided on the direction of "Let's make miso soup that goes well with bread." We brought in various breads such as raisin bread and cream bread, and repeated trial production. I tried to make the ingredients with western-style ingredients such as tomatoes and beets, but in the end, the miso soup was miso soup and could not be said to be the best match. At that time, a male cooking researcher in charge of recipe development suggested, "Would you like to stir with a mixer?"

(I.e. That's where the concept of Miso Pota began.

bed One of the reasons why young people hate miso soup is "plain". Miso soup is almost brown, so I'm certainly not feeling up. At that time, I happened to stir it with the ingredients of beetroot, and it turned out to be a very beautiful color, and I thought that this would clear the appearance problem. When I tried it, the Japanese texture was reduced and it was more like soup. With this method, we made more prototypes and finally made the prototype of miso pota.

(I.e. Since Mr. Toko decided to do miso pota, he looked very happy. You were worried by your managers that management would get off the ground. "Isn't it the first time in the food and drink industry? Isn't cooking good or okay?"

bed Is that so. I couldn't cook myself.

(I.e. But Mr. Toko wasn't happy. You don't feel the feeling of quitting at all, and you can tell that you are doing it because you think it's this. "I really found what I needed to do" and I was really attracted to how I enjoyed it.

I thought it was a wonderful thing for Mr. Toko to choose the traditional miso so far. I really love the product soap,P.G.C.D. As I think "Japan's soap absolutely changes the world", it is another dimension from a business perspective, and I strongly agree with Mr. Toko's idea that "I want to contribute to the world with my own values" Did.

bed To be honest, I think I jumped into a difficult world, but it's a lot of fun. Mr. Noda eats "good, good", and when a customer sends me a miso pota's packed product to visit, the other person says "I was nourished" or "I was energized" After all, I am happy when I hear the story. When I was serving at an event, a young person told me, "I didn't like miso soup, but if you do this, you can eat it." After all, people who have been eating miso soup since they were children will be able to bring back the happy moments and warmth of their childhood when they eat it.

Miso pota is one of the values ​​to live a rich life

(I.e. I've heard that eating miso has improved my sickness, but when I ate it at breakfast, I said, "Let's do my best today." It seems that not only your physical condition but also your mental condition will be resolved.

bed Actually, there are many effects of miso that have not yet been clarified. However, the current situation is that analysis is not progressing only for traditional foods. For example, it is said that the boiled broth has nutrition, but in fact, the boiled broth still retains the nutrition.

According to one theory, warlords also ate miso soup on the battlefield. It seems that they brought it in a bamboo tube, boiled it in hot water, combed miso, and ate it over rice. Exactly "fast food of warlords". In particular, Hatcho miso in Aichi prefecture has an important protein source for soybean miso and has a long shelf life. So, in the Tokai region, the three native English masters1I think it is no exaggeration to say that the fact that Sengoku warlords, who were called, played an active role in the power of miso.

(I.e. So that's it. So what is the reaction of people overseas to Miso Pota? Even overseas, green tea and matcha seem to be recognized as Japanese culture. How about miso soup?

bed In fact, many foreigners do not have a positive image of Japanese miso soup. An overseas friend told me that there is an image of "miso soup = service product". Since it is often offered as a service at the end at overseas sushi restaurants, the position of miso soup as a Japanese culture is not very high. Also, like any Indian curry or Russian borscht, there is always a soup for home cooking in every country, so there is an idea that "miso soup is a home-made dish containing seaweed, which Japanese people like." I think. However, if it becomes a potage, it looks fresh, tomatoes, corn, and beetroot miso pota are also popular with foreigners.

(I.e. I want more people to eat miso pota. Do you think that the floor that Mr. Toko has to overcome in order for more people to eat?

bed There are two.

The first is to get miso pota to eat. Basically, people's taste is conservative. Only the tastes you like and know are acceptable. I think this tendency is particularly strong for men. So I think it's important to get used to eating.

(I.e. Certainly it may be especially true for men. But are you not used to eating miso soup?

bed "Miso pota" and "miso soup" are different. The novelty is "What is this?" Analyzing the data from the MISO POTA KYOTO online store, those who eat more than 5 times tend to eat continuously, so I think this is the key.

(I.e. So that's it. Another reason?

bed The second is the price. You can see freeze-dried miso soup for around 2 yen or 80 yen in supermarkets. However, since we make miso pota using abundant vegetables without adding chemicals, it is more expensive than instant miso soup on the market. However, it is difficult to find out how to convey the value because it is the part that the customer cannot see. I'm happy that some of our customers say, "I'm buying very delicious bread and eating it as a treat", and having it as a "feast" once or twice a week, but it's a bit more everyday. I want you to eat. To that end, we are thinking about how we can reduce the price even a little through corporate efforts.

(I.e. But some people don't want cheap things. If you think that you can only sell at a cheap price, you will end up reducing your value by yourself, but how do you think it can be made different from cheap miso soup?

bed We are thinking of increasing the number first.

Also, right now, I'm talking to young people, saying, "Take it in case of trouble." I'd like you to eat it when you come home late at night or if you feel sick to know the reaction of your body. Some people suggested that I could take the medicine instead of taking it, as some people said that I was drinking it when I was in a poor condition and my headache had eased. For mothers who are particular about ingredients, we sometimes introduce them as snacks for children.

(I.e. It's not about satisfying hunger, but drinking miso pota to enrich your life.

bed That's it.

(I.e. Our business is the same, and we sell soap at convenience stores and supermarkets for 100 yen. On the other hand, our soap costs 9,000 yen each. However, our customers say, "This is a part of my body" with an innocent smile while holding soap. Customers think that 9,000 yen of soap is not just a tool for washing your face, but a switch for turning on and off your heart in the morning and at night, which is one of your daily habits.

bed It’s very nice.

(I.e. Miso pota and soap both smell. Miso pota is delicious just by its scent. By drinking on top of it, you can feel it in your body and it will feel great. That's why Miso Pota enjoys the scent and tastes it, so it feels like it's making your own body and permeating all over your body as if you were making cells. You can see that customers of Miso Pota smell the scent and drink carefully until the last drop.

bed You are immersed in the deliciousness.

(I.e. Therefore, being healthy and not taking extra things is one of the values ​​to lead a good life.

*1 Local 3 Hideki: Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Ieyasu Tokugawa

"Beautiful people" have a beautiful way of life

The values ​​seen from the admiration for "careful living"

(I.e. Today, Mr. Toko came to us a little earlier before the conversation and waited for us to clean the store. Mr. Toko's gestures and actions when making miso pota were all wonderful. I was told that it took a lot of time and effort, and I felt that it was delicious, and I felt that I was full of affection. I think Mr. Toko is a very beautiful person, including that part.

bed Thank you very much. I am very happy.

(I.e. One of the achievements of our company is "increasing the number of people who change age into beauty." What kind of person is Mr. Toko's definition of "beautiful people"?

bed I agree. It's not the parts, but the feeling of wearing air.


(I.e. How can that feeling be done?

bed It's trivial, but I think it's inside.A beautiful person with a rich heart, nurtured from a polite life.I myself knew the importance of enriching the inside, so I think I was able to understand the beauty of those people without being fooled.Perhaps when I was in the bubble era, when I saw someone I thought was pretty, I didn't think it was pretty.In that sense, I may be the same as I used to be and I am now ...But don't you know who lives politely just by looking at it?

(I.e. I understand. However, the answer to the question of who is beautiful is that people who live politely are different for a moment, but I think it's really very important. Being able to live politely isn't really free, such as giving up something or being a little cramped. It becomes normal when it becomes a habit. So, for those who aren't, polite living isn't free, and it looks like a lot. Convenient meals are easier and easier, but polite living is easier.

Mr. Toko, how did you come to have the idea that you should live politely and that you are beautiful?

bed One of the people who advised me that miso was good when I started a business was a gymnastics teacher. When I take a lesson at night, the teacher prepares the meal during the lesson. He prepared cooked enzyme brown rice, lots of miso soup and pickles and said, "I'm sorry. It's always brown. It's not gorgeous. But I'm doing gymnastics today, so if I eat this much and go home, Take a bath and go to bed."

(I.e. It’s very nice.

bed That's why sometimes I had to take lessons at night and have a meal (laughs). When I went home, I was very satisfied. That's why the teacher is my polite teacher.

(I.e. You had a polite master. But how did you come to feel that polite living is good?

bed I think it was because I had the exact opposite of my life.

When I lived in Tokyo, I used to eat out every day and eat flashy meals as if I was dragging the bubble era.However, when I ate miso soup, brown rice and scented food while having the teacher in the gymnastics class say, "I'm really sorry brown. But I chew this well and eat it. If I take a bite, I chew 30 times." The next day, I'm really in good shape.When I went to a lesson in the daytime, he gave me a snack, and even though I was very busy, I thought it was a wonderful way of life to say, "I made a little for a change."I also wanted to be like this, and when I asked the teacher, "How can I be good at cooking?", He said, "Even if you have a lot of miso soup, you won't fail, so don't worry." is. "In the case of miso soup, the size of the ingredients can be different, the cutting method can be strange, and miso is a great seasoning, so you can't make it unpleasant." I thought.That's why MISO POTA KYOTO is born from your encounters.

Recently, I heard that your teacher is too busy to eat miso pota when you can't cook your daughter's meal. “Floor-chan, Miso-pota is really good! I make days when I can make it, but it wouldn't be possible if there was only 15 minutes between lessons. It would be very useful at that time. I was waiting for such a thing already.” hand. I'm so happy to be able to help my teacher now.


(I.e. The teacher's rice was full of love.P.G.C.D. The people who make JAPAN's soap also pack a lot of love. At first, fresh soap is warm and soft, so if you touch it strongly, it will change shape. So, put on gloves, arrange them one by one carefully, and let them sleep for about three weeks, then the temperature will cool and harden. When it's warm, it doesn't smell much, but when it gets cold, it traps the smell andP.G.C.D. It gives the scent of JAPAN's soap. The people at the French factory treat me very carefully. I really like the way they handle raw goods carefully, not the feeling that they are mass produced by machines.

However, we have heard from our customers that they want a facial cleanser that produces bubbles with a single push, but we are not selling facial cleansers, but "a habit of becoming beautiful." I would like you to experience the richness of taking care of yourself by taking soap and taking a day in the morning and evening while carefully foaming and washing your face.

bed A convenient one-push bottle would be the same as instant miso soup.

Recently, a young acquaintance said, "I don't know how to take good care of myself," so I told them, "Let's eat good food. That alone will take good care of yourself."

I want to tell a lot of people that it is important not to be gorgeous, so it is important to eat things that make you feel good and that are good for your body.

(I.e. You write "to improve people" and say "meal". That's why eating has to be good for people. If Mr. Toko cherishes himself to young people, please put warm things in your body, take a minute and it is said that Mr. Toko himself "improves people I was very moved and sympathized because I was told that I was going to have a meal. The theme of "living" that we Japanese cherish is surely very important.

Happiness from accumulated experience

(I.e. Nowadays you're running a store as a general, but in fact, Mr. Toko graduated from university around the time of the bubble economy, taking advantage of his good English, he was in charge of overseas at a major company. You must have experienced a gorgeous life including food, but why have you returned to the traditional food called miso?

bed When I was in Tokyo, I used to eat out a lot and sometimes went to famous stores. It was fun to get together with friends. However, without fear of misunderstanding, famous stores got used to it a few times and I was not moved. At one point, I suddenly thought, "It's not something you have to eat on a daily basis, even if you pay a lot of money." Since I started MISO POTA KYOTO, I have been getting more inspiration from miso soup. Thinking that the season for edible wild cherry blossoms is about to come, it's a season for wild plants, and I feel very excited and happy in my daily life.

(I.e. Today, I had a lot of things to ask and confirm about Mr. Toko. I feel that in the last few years, the method of choosing Mr. Tokoro has changed.

One of the theories of happiness is the concept of expressing "happiness = wealth/desire" in fractions. For example, happiness in the bubble era of wanting cars and luxury goods, and wanting to make luxury is the happiness of expanding the molecule. On the other hand, reducing desires, that is, "knowing enough" is the happiness obtained by reducing the denominator. I think that Mr. Toko is getting closer to the latter's happiness as he gets older, and I think that it is "Miso Pota" in the direction of "knowing enough" because I know and see a lot of various things. How about it?

bed I agree.I'm more happy and happy now.However, I feel that I have come to understand the importance of enriching my inner self more than before because I have noticed through the experience of the bubble economy at that time.As I mentioned earlier, the definition of "beauty" has changed in me, and I have come to think that people who live politely are more beautiful.I wonder if I can finally understand the feeling of air that oozes from the inside of the person and the beauty that is transmitted from the aura.

Actually, if you say that I like the taste of miso pota, you can tell by looking. People who say that they are delicious when tasting at an event can be seen with a gloss. If you give it to someone who has a smooth gloss on both women and men, they will say, "This is really new and delicious." The taste of the tongue cannot be made in one day, and since the person's tongue makes hair gloss and health, I think it's easy to see how it looks. The more beautiful people are, the higher the love rate for miso pota is.

(I.e. So that's it. We also open a face-wash salon every month to call in our customers, but it's absolutely clear that we'll be the one who guides you here. From 200m and 300m away, "Oh, our customers came." Atmosphere, it may be the clothes of choice, but it's by no means luxurious. I think it's not the beauty of something that is expensive, but the beauty of those who value living.

bed You can see in your expression whether you are happy or not. Doesn't it mean that you don't have a soft facial expression or a gritty feeling?

(I.e. That may be the case. As I was talking about today, I thought that we were in the business of "making beautiful people" with each other. weP.G.C.D. JAPAN cleans the contents from the outside through skin care and scalp care, and Mr. Toko's MISO POTA KYOTO eats and cleans the inside and outside. The approach is different, but I wonder if they are making beautiful people or beautiful people.

Our company has always set goals, but what kind of goals do MISO POTA KYOTO and Miso Pota have in the future?

bed First of all, I'm thinking of expanding delivery so that people can enjoy it in various places more easily. I have also registered Uber Eats, but I would like to do a ghost restaurant. Some people tell my friends around me that I want to do it. Once the delivery is started, it will be easier for everyone to enjoy it, so I would like to do my best in that way in Japan.

Also, it's good for the body because it's miso so I want to expand into the world without losing my style.

(I.e. Where are you aiming for?

bed Switzerland. Actually, we had an inquiry from Switzerland before the coronavirus spread. That is why I want to expand into Switzerland before the United States. Miso pota is not only miso soup, but vegetables are also stirred. So it's better absorbed than eating normal solid vegetables. I want to tell not only Japanese people, but also overseas people that miso pota is the strongest food.

(I.e. I support it, all the way. I really think that the miso-pota business is a "real" business, and I can't start a business in my twenties. So there are times when I'm a little jealous. Of course, I think our business is genuine. However, the fact that we handle miso soup and miso in our food is really wonderful because we are delivering a truly delicious food to our customers in a new form of the culture that has been going on for thousands of years. I'm really envious.

bed I'm glad to say that. I will do my best.

(I.e. I'm a fan. I will continue to support you!

bed Thank you!