[100nd step] XNUMX tons of water challenge for children

JBIG and Group brandP.G.C.D.Then, from January 4 to June 1
We are implementing the second “Soap is a 100-ton challenge for water that delivers to the children who save the earth”.

[2nd] "Soap saves the earth, 100 tons of water for children"

Shipping: P.G.C.D."Savon Fonse" and "Savon Move" single items and set products including the target products
Applicable period: January 2020-June 4, 1
Details of support: For each purchase of "Savon Move", we will donate 30ℓ of water to Indian children through Water Aid Japan, a certified NPO.
More information: https://www.jbig.com/action/soap2001/

We are carrying out from January 2020, 1
"Soap is a planet that saves the earth 100 tons of water for children"
As a result of everyone purchasing "Savon Move",
In less than two months from the start, it will lead to the support of [2 tons of water]
We have achieved our initial goal.
We would like to thank our customers again.

Regarding the progress of support, please visit our website etc. by the summer of 2020.
I will report it.

Furthermore, in order to expand this support, with "JBIG",
Is a group brandP.G.C.D.Then, from Wednesday, April 4
"[2nd] Soap is a 100-ton Challenge of Water for the Earth to Save Children"
have started.

Nowadays, it is said that 30 billion people around the world cannot use hand-washing facilities on a daily basis.
And there are children who lose their lives and health because of unsanitary water.
Some children spend hours every day fetching water from distant water sources.

"Savon Fonse" and "Savon Move" for the future of such children
Every time you purchase one, through the certified NPO Water Aid Japan,
We will donate 30 liters of water to Indian children who do not have access to safe water.
In the second initiative, people in the support area will get 2 tons (= 500ℓ) of water.
We aim to be able to use it.

100 tons of water challenge for children

  • Shipping:P.G.C.D."Savon Fonse" and "Savon Move" separately, and a set product including the target product *
  • <span>Applicable period: January 18-June 30, 2020</span>
  • * Regardless of the size of the soap, it is counted as one. Scheduled flights and skin gifts are also included as one.


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"Savon Mauve" is a scalp care soap that does not require a rinse. Using move not only leads to donation, but also reduces the amount of rinse water once (1 minutes) to about 36ℓ, about an annual conversion13,000ℓ Reduction. Approximately 1 kg of water required to purify wastewater at one time, approximately33,000ℓ Reduction. Furthermore, since no rinsing or treatment is required, the water required for "manufacturing products", "rinsing", "purifying wastewater", and "recycling containers" can all be reduced to 1/3.

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"Savon Fonse" is a night-care skincare soap that does not require cleansing. Fonse will not only contribute to donations, but also reduce the amount of rinse water. In addition, the amount of water required to purify wastewater is approximately 1 ℓ at one time, which is approximately32,500ℓ Reduction. Furthermore, since cleansing is not required, the water required for "manufacturing of products", "rinsing", "purification of drainage", and "recycling of containers" can be reduced to 1/2.

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Every day with clean hair and skin is connected to the future of children. We hope you will take this opportunity to use MOVE with your family and friends.

JBIG, which designs beautiful society with sustainable products and a beautiful future, with the goal of "beautiful people and the earth."P.G.C.D.Now, we will continue to contribute to society through manufacturing and activities that make the earth, society and the future beautiful.


  • Goal 3: Health and well-being for all
  • Goal 4: Quality education for everyone
  • Goal 6: Safe water and toilets worldwide
  • Target 13: Take specific measures against climate change
  • Goal 14: Protect the richness of the ocean
  • Goal 15: Protect the richness of the land


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