This is JBIG's Mission and Management.

Junichi Imanari, director of Io Research Institute, and JBIG's Taihei Noda talked about JBIG's mission and management through Drucker management.

Director of Io Research Institute
Ltd.P.G.C.D. JAPAN Outside Director

Junichi Imanari

Born in 1959. After working for an electronic parts manufacturer, he changed jobs to a major consulting company to acquire management know-how in the company. After that, he became a management consulting company director and became independent. He has more than 30 years of management consulting experience. In recent years, he has been focusing on training Dr. Peter Drucker's management. He is active in many fields as a management consultant with a motto of "Introducing the idea of ​​management while advocating the importance of" building a good company "rather than solving short-sighted problems."

Representative Director and CEO of JBI GROUP Inc. (JBIG)

Taihei Noda

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1979. In 2010P.G.C.D. JAPAN is established. Develop and sell skin care and scalp care products to increase the number of people who change their age into beauty. In 2019, JBI GROUP, a holding company, was established. Posting the corporate philosophy "Pay forward", with the mission of "increase the number of people who make the world happy", create Sustainable products and businesses, and contribute to society and the future.

Why did you adopt Drucker management?

Peter Drucker's affinity with the Japanese

Taihei Noda (hereinafter Noda) When I learned "Drucker Juku", where Professor Imanari is also a lecturer, I was greatly stimulated and shocked. I was convinced that "this direction is the direction we should go", which was the reason for introducing Drucker management to JBIG.

Junichi Imanari (hereinafter Imanari) It is very memorable that Mr. Noda was passionate about saying, "I want to take Drucker management seriously."When a manager wants to make a business successful or change the company, I think the first step is to learn and change.Drucker expresses it with the word "seriousness".Mr. Noda felt that he was about to put it into practice.

(I.e. When I asked Professor Imanari to serve as a director, I promised that I would definitely do it myself.Imanari senseiP.G.C.D.What impression did you have on

Imanari At firstP.G.C.D.When I heard about his mission, it was impressive that he was trying to innovate. “Designing a custom that makes you beautiful” asks you what “beauty” is for Japanese people and what is “beauty” in the future. “Habit” is “living”. By designing how we live, I think it will be a very important touchstone for future Japanese companies.

(I.e. Thank you very much.By the way, it is said that Drucker was a collector of Japanese paintings and was familiar with Japanese culture, and Drucker himself said, "Japanese people are suitable for drucker management."

Imanari Yeah.Drucker himself is from Austria, but he seems to have learned a lot from Japanese culture and Japanese managers, and he talked about himself as a "Japanese spokesman."Although Drucker is European, I think that he is introducing it to the world by making use of Japanese management methods.

(I.e. I also want to get closer to Drucker's thoughts, saying that "Japanese and Drucker management are close to each other."I'm still far from the essence of Drucker, but I suspect that his spirit of "contribution" suits the Japanese. Drucker is also asking how he contributes to society, his colleagues, and customers, rather than "I just need to be myself."At the meeting, I myself asked, "How do I contribute to my colleagues?" And "What can I contribute to other departments?"I think it's very important to think about how to contribute to other departments and achieve results together, rather than just producing results by yourself.

Imanari I think that the idea of ​​"contribution" in Drucker's words and "altruistic spirit" in Japanese should be valued.

(I.e. In addition, Drucker said "MBO* XNUMX(Management By Objectives and self-control). " In general, many people remember Management By Objectives, but they also include "and self-control". The part of "I have to control myself" is very important. MBOs are basically something that everyone shares, and in order to achieve an MBO, you must also consider contributing to others. Even if only you have achieved the MBO, you can not achieve the overall goal unless others have also achieved. In other words, I think it's really important to make a contribution while contributing not only to myself but also to the team and other departments.

Imanari That's right. As Mr. Noda said, linking management with Drucker management and the way of living as a Japanese may be one of the ways that Japanese managers should be in the future.

* XNUMX [MBO (Management By Objectives and self-control)]

MBO is an objective in which a target is set between the evaluator (boss) and the evaluator in advance and the evaluator makes an effort to achieve the target set by the evaluator. System for letting.

Proposed by PF Drucker, a management philosopher. A system in which individual employees set their own goals, and each person independently manages the progress and execution of the goals.

What are the "Five Questions" of Drucker Management?

Knowing and facing customersP.G.C.D.Likeness "

(I.e. First as an outside lecturer to Professor ImanariP.G.C.D.Did you know the main idea of ​​Drucker in the form of Drucker Training? I felt that all of the members were honestly facing me.

Imanari I agree.Drucker is the person who clarified the whole "basics and principles".He showed me the whole picture and concept of management, not the methodology.Therefore, the idea of ​​Drucker is the first content that we would like those who manage and manage to learn.If you make a mistake in the basic part of "working to contribute to customers = creating customers", the meaning of working will change.For example, for money, for life, for fame, etc.Of course, these are also important, but it is important for both inside and outside the company to understand that the basis of the business is "for the customer."The value and motivation of working is born on this belief.I would like you to learn it first.

(I.e. Drucker is the ultimate. I'm asking, "Do you do the job for free?"Whether the members who gather in the company can work with such feelings, and whether they can make friends with people who feel the value of the business.When I wondered if I could create a company that would attract people with such strong feelings, I thought it was still far from it. "For customers" is beautiful when it's just words, but some people may say negative things that they can't work on their own.But in Drucker management, we overcome that and thoroughly "what is our mission" "who are our customers" "what our customers value" "what are our achievements" "our achievements" What is your plan? "I wanted the members to think about the "five questions" that are the basis of this Drucker management.

Imanari Of course, the business itself is important for a company, but it is also necessary to manage the people who work for that purpose, and it covers the entire organization and work.If you can't make that decision, management won't work.In that sense as well, I think Drucker management, which teaches us the basics of the overall picture of a company, is very effective.

(I.e. Therefore, we gave all the members who received Drucker training the homework of "Be sure to meet with the customer and make a final proposal with the answer or idea derived from the customer's story".We are an EC-only DXNUMXC (Direct to Consumer) business, a business called "mail order" in the old days, so it can be established without having to meet customers directly.However, I gave such homework to the members because I think it is really important for the company to deal with why our customers are becoming our customers.

Imanari You asked the members about Drucker's "five questions" about their mission, who their customers are, and what they value.

(I.e. In marketing, I say, "You should never interpret data alone."Thinking about what we should do and how we will contribute to our customers in response to what we felt and noticed from our customers' words during the actual meeting with our customers.P.G.C.D.Products and services. That's something that isn't listed anywhere in the data. Facing the customer isP.G.C.D.Is born in this world and I think it is a value that can create customers.

Imanari As a result, the employees may have realized once again that the voice of the customer is important.By actually meeting with customers, I think I was able to acquire it as my own experience.

Changes that Drucker Management Visits

(I.e. Every time we meet a customer, we are taught by our customers their love for our products.At our company, "three loves" are very important.These "three loves" have a certain order, starting with "love for products", then "love for customers", and finally "love for friends". He really says, "I can't live if this soap is gone from the world." "This soap is a part of my body."We sometimes feel that our customers have a deeper "love for products" than we do.How many customers do our products produce and what value do they feel?By knowing them deeply, everyone understood the necessity of products for society and what kind of contribution they can make to society through soap by practicing Drucker management.

Imanari Until just two years ago, many employees were confused and weak at meeting and listening to customers in person, but now, "If you have any questions, ask the customer." It changed to the idea.

(I.e. I agree.It's important to understand the essential meaning of listening to customers.I wasn't able to convey that to myself, but the existence of a "type" called Drucker made it easier to convey.From Drucker's "XNUMX Questions" to "XNUMX Goals"* XNUMXThe process of thinking throughP.G.C.D.I think it fits very well.

Imanari Every company has a management philosophy and a mission, but there may be an extreme story, "The real intention is different from the tatemae."But that's not the case.Companies make money and make a profit by creating customers.That is why it can be said that listening to customers' voices and my work are connected.But what should we do if some customers say "this product is great" while others don't?You will have to make various decisions and change the way you work.If you try to make a profit as a result of contributing to someone, you can't afford to do a sloppy job.

(I.e. I agree.In a sense, it's also a very tough road.

Imanari In fact, we humans are basically afraid to "change."However, if we try to contribute to our customers or increase our value even more, we have no choice but to change.I think that is a really tough task.

* XNUMX [Eight goals]

In conducting a business, it is necessary to set goals. Drucker points out eight key areas of corporate survival, each of which requires a goal.

XNUMX) Marketing target XNUMX) Innovation target XNUMX) Human resource target XNUMX) Funding target XNUMX) Resource target XNUMX) Productivity target XNUMX) Social responsibility target XNUMX) Profit target

What is your vision for the future?P.G.C.D.What are your expectations for?

JBIG andP.G.C.D.Value of the product


(I.e. In order to increase our value, we should have an idea of ​​"mission" and "why we are gathering at this company" from the beginning.We make money from our customers' purchases and make a profit, so it is important to firmly face the "questions" and customers.By doing so, I believe that as a result, we will be a large organization that contributes to society and become a company.Some of our customers sympathize with the values ​​and social contributions that we are transmitting to the world through soap.For example, in the case of shampoo soap, shampoo, conditioner, conditioner, and treatment are all in one.In Japanese households, an average of 3.6 bottles are lined up in the bathroom, which means that the water is flushed 3.6 times.But we only need one bar of soap.This will reduce the amount of water used and will not generate PET resin bottles.Our products make everything "simple".If people all over the world use our soap, we can solve the environmental problems that are currently being talked about all over the world.

Imanari It was your mission and innovation when you first talked to Mr. Noda.

(I.e. That's right.I have a dream for the future.There is "soap that saved the world" in the past. "Hope soap" and "hope soap".There are still many countries on the planet where the death toll of children under the age of XNUMX exceeds thousands each year.The cause is an infectious disease caused by bacteria."Hope Soap" was handed over to solve it.Kitty and car toys are in the transparent soap.If you are given such soap, children will wash not only their hands but also their bodies.As a result, the number of childhood cases decreased by XNUMX% and the number of respiratory infections decreased by XNUMX%. ..Soap saved the world.I want to go beyond such "hope soap". We want to provide society with our value of "beautifying people and the earth."We want to change the world and society with our "soap of hope".

Imanari Mr. Noda is really honest about his vision, dreams and products.Because I can feel that, I think I'll definitely go out with you if I can.

(I.e. Thank you very much.Because of the diverse times, through product and drucker management, with JBIGP.G.C.D.I want to share our values ​​and ways of life, so that our customers, employees, and many others can sympathize.

Keep changing for customer creation


(I.e. After adopting Drucker management, I feel that all the members have changed to a way of thinking centered on "for customers."Such members support the company, and I am confident that they have grown up a lot.In the future, I have high hopes and hopes that by becoming Holdings, more leaders will be born from this company, and we will be able to produce even greater results and contribute to society.In order to achieve great results, we must all contribute.Unless there are people who can deal with Drucker's "customer creation" and "contribution" and who can be enthusiastic about JBIG's mission, we can't work together to produce results.

Imanari No matter how much the management talks about his philosophy, mission, and his thoughts, I think that the employees who are the recipients sometimes get lost.In the light of common sense and the opinions of those around us, we may not know what is right or what is true. Even if you know that this is the right path, you may say that it is different, or there may be two sides.I don't think it's easy to really "believe" a company or business.However, when a hesitation arises, I think we can proceed with confidence if we can understand that it is the customer and the society that will resolve the hesitation.

(I.e. When in doubt, I return to Drucker's "Five Questions".

Imanari That's right.However, there are various paths, so I think it is necessary to follow the path that suits us and aim for the summit. JBIG, andP.G.C.D.Can change and grow. I want you to believe it and keep changing. Everyone is still full of possibilities, and there are many who will grow in the future.

(I.e. As the environment changes, we need to keep changing and making efforts.Customers are alwaysP.G.C.D.We must continue to create customers so that we can continue to be our customers. If we can contribute to society through our products, we can feel joy and happiness. I want to increase the number of people who sympathize with this desire and become a company and brand that can be supported from around the world.

Imanari I feel that there are quite a lot of young people today who can't dream or feel joy in working compared to when I was little.You probably have anxiety and fear about the future.But instead, I hope that there will be as many companies as possible that can show that they can live positively in such ways as fun, brightness, hope, and dreams.I would like Mr. Noda to enhance all businesses, including working and living.In other words, young people in their twenties and teens said, "It's wonderful to work." "JBIG andP.G.C.D.I want to become a company that can be said to want to work at. "

(I.e. I will do my best to be that way!