Pay Forward

For our children and the generations to come, it is our responsibility to leave the world a better place than how we found it. We take this responsibility seriously, and everything we do will reflect these values. Through creating our products, we also create a better world and future filled with beauty and potential.

Our Vision

Japan Beauty Inovation


Wabi-sabi is a Japanese aesthetic and way of finding appreciation in things that are intangible and simple. We believe that the idea of wabi-sabi is the key to shift existing materialistic and superficial evaluation values. Our dream is to inspire more people in the world to appreciate that less is more and embrace their authentic selves.

Our Mission

Increase the number of people who make the world happier.

One person can do only a little on their own, but one person can ignite passion in others. This creates a ripple effect that can radiate happiness and wellbeing around the world.

Social Responsibility goals

Changing the Earth and humans to be more beautiful

Twenty years ago, we learned an ugly truth about the cosmetics industry. The production process of cosmetic products was polluting our planet. This inspired us to create JBIG, where cosmetic products are making us, our planet, our society and our future more beautiful.

Our Belief

Less is more. The Japanese aesthetic of subtraction is changing the values of people around the world. When all excess is deliberately removed, true essence is revealed in its simplest and refined form. We believe that this pure simplicity is a power that can change the world.

Our Values

  • Be Bold

  • Thirst for Learning

  • Think out

  • Design The Future

  • Make a Mark

Our Promise

  • The best quality

  • It must be innovative

  • It must be good 
    value for money

  • It must be 
    challenging to 
    existing alternatives

  • And it must 
    add a sense of fun 
    or waku waku